MetaStock Traning

Version: 2.14   (version history)
Size: 0
Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $8

Publisher's Description

It allows to test any trading systems, strategy and new
indicators on any time intervals as in real trade (not on
a static data), but in a short time. That is the irreplaceable
debugging tool of each trader using MetaStock as a tool of
technical analysis.

You can set the different interval of data updating by step
on one second. Minimal time of updating is 1 second.


Loading all data;
Loading the defined number of last bars;
Loading the data for the defined interval of dates.
Option of saving of 4 hour diagrams in a hour format
Option of removal a bar 00:00:00 from a source data set

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of MetaStock Traning at for any additional information.