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Version: 4.8   (version history)
Date: January 15, 2005

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: ShadowICQ Group

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Shadow Popup Sender Description

Shadow Popup Sender Free Download.

Send over a million pop-ups per day directly to desktops world-wide. Never deal with unsuccessful email campaigns or banner ads again.
POP-up -is a window that can appear suddenly on a computer screen with the words "Messenger Service" in the title .

These messages are being sent to recipients through a Microsoft service running on his computer. Not by email or MSN Messenger. There is no necessity to be running any web, email, or instant messaging software on computer of recipient. There is no need for the sender to know anything about recipient's computer and his computer doesn't care who does it. Microsoft Windows does not provide any logging or auditing ability for this service.

There are no laws against this form of advertising. It's completely legal ! No bulk email lists to maintain and no need for expensive mail relays or bulk web hosting. You won't get shut down for broadcasting messenger pop-ups. They're untraceable!

IP popup has the same vast market reach as television and radio commercials, without the price!

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