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Version: 3.7   (version history)
Date: May 27, 2005

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
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Auto Dialer Pro3 Description

Auto Dialer Pro3 Free Download.

Automatic call center which allows to make a large number of supervised or not supervised outbound telemarketing calls, this program is specifically designed for:

* small businesses conducting surveys *
* church and community announcements *
* telemarketers and sales leads *
* fund raising *
* political campaigning *
* engineers testing remote equipment *

consecutively dials numbers from a phone list;
automatically plays prerecorded message (wave file) to the phone line or:
manually plays the message clicked on the Play List
extended phone list allows to:
- selecting the different message (wave file) for the each entry
- time scheduling each call
when answering machine is detected then playing the message will start after the beep;
can read printed words (text file) to the phone line;
records phone conversation to wave file;
fully customizable: by using the script user has the ability to:
- play a different message depending on the key pressed by receiving end
- record the keystrokes as a response to the played message.
automatic or manual disconnection;

built-in timer: starts and stops dialing at the scheduled time.
automated dialing from command prompt;
multi line capability: user selectable phone lines;
busy numbers are redialed or moved to the end of queue;
multiple profiles: each profile contains a phone list and .wav file to be played over the phone;
data record keeping:
logs are automatically removed after specified period of time.

Auto Dialer Pro3 keywords: automatic, call, center

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