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Date: March 02, 2005
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Author: U Software

Publisher's Description

Were you ever wondering if a HYIP is worth investing in it? We think you did, and a lot of times... Want to know "money back" date? What is the last payment date if I spend tomorrow? How much profit can you receive at the end of an investment plan? How risky is investing in this HYIP? Want to see the forecasted balance chart? Please use our Free HYIP Calculator to find the answers to all of these questions.

Key features
- Supports different types of payment plans (daily, weekly, monthly payments, principal back percent and other options)
- Compound (re-investment) option
- Full ROI and Balance statistics
- Calculates supposed key event dates ("money back" date, payment plan end, etc.)
- Calculates dates and number of payments
- Colored ROI Bars
- Average Daily Income is determined for each type of payment plan
- Payment dates shown on the Calendar
- Balance By Date graph shows the income dynamics
- Can be minimized to tray
- Advanced user-friendly interface

- Forcast your income for any kind of payment plan even having rare payment options
- Forcast the key dates like when you will start receiving profit, when the payment plan ends and so on
- Compare different HYIPs regardless of payment plan options they offer by using the Average - Daily Income feature
- Be informed about the actual payment dates and payment amounts
- Imagine your income dynamics by looking on the self explanatory Balance By Date graph
- Quick estimate your investment state by the colors of the ROI Bars
- While examining HYIPs you can minimize/restore Free HYIP Calculator to/from tray to save your Taskbar space

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