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Date: October 09, 2005

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Author: HCFM Pty. Ltd.

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Home Cash Flow Manager Description

Home Cash Flow Manager Free Download.

Home Cash Flow Manager is personal finance software to track your cash flow. It is easy to learn and encourages good financial habits. It defines and tracks different types of Income, including Salary and Passive income sources. It also defines and tracks different types of Expenditure, including Essential Regular, Essential Variable, Discretionary and Charity expenses. User friendly reports are created such as Financial Statements, monthly and annually. Home Cash Flow Manager defines and tracks Assets and Liabilities. Use up to three Kids accounts like virtual bank accounts.

There are comprehensive help menu and sample data. You have the ability to set Financial Goals, both short term and long term goals. It has an easy to use interface, with intuitive navigational menus. This software is designed to increase your financial literacy and financial intelligence which is an essential step on the journey towards Financial Freedom.

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