Treasure Manager

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Size: 1952KB
Date: December 01, 2005
License: Free To Try $24.90
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Author: Samuel Galan

Publisher's Description

Treasure Manager includes ONLY what you really need for managing your personal finances. Have you ever been desperately looking for the functionality you actually use in a software full of bells and whistles because it was burried deep down in a plethora of irrelevant features? Treasure Manager shows you how simplicity is power compatible. You will be able to track your expenses and incomes by category, know exactly how much you have (or should have) in your pocket and in your bank account(s) and follow-up your stock market investments. Just one click and you see instantly all transactions for a particular account, category, payee or stock. Another click and everything is printed on paper.

Against the I-cannot-recall-how-much-did-I-pay-for-that-thing, powerful filter features are available for localizing quickly and easily nearly any kind of useful information. Treasure Manager is very flexible, you can freely delete or change nearly anything. Such flexibility is furthermore desmonstrated by its budgeting approach. Because you setup as many budgets as you want, you can create real scenarios (optimistic/neutral/pessimistic), adapt your spending target for a particular period of the year where expenditure normally fluctuates (heating in winter/summer for instance) or change your period of reference (week/month/quarter).

Finally, Treasure Manager nice, intuitive, simple and professional-looking user interface allows a very fast learning curve. In just a few hours, you will know all you should know and begin straight away managing your personal finances.

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