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Version: 1.1   (version history)
Date: July 20, 2009

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OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
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Author: Valeri Vlassov

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VISaldo Description

VISaldo Free Download.

Banc Balance for your Budget with support of MS Access database.- saldo-balance (a "chess" table) for a private, family or firm budget; - Operations are stored in a true database (MS Access mdb file); - no limits for a number of Operations (millions and more); - fields in an Operation record are: Date, From, To, Sum, Comment; - no limits for a texts stored in a Comment Memo-field for every Operation; - categories of Operations are stored automatically; - possibility to set a Dates range for a list of Operations and Balance; - possibility to save a list of Operations and Balance to a txt file; - possibility to show a lot of Balances for the different periods simultaneously;

How to use it:
-press a button "Show Operations" and you will see an empty "Operations" table;
-double click on that table and you will see an Operation Add/Edit Dialog;
-select a date for Operation, input a Categories ("From" and "To") and a sum of Operation (example: 12/12/05, Firm, Dad, 1000.00);
-input a Comment for that Operation if you need;
-the categories you have entered will be shown in a comboboxes "From" and "To" automatically;
-input so many Operations as you need;
-press a button "Show Balance" and you will see a "Chess
-like" Balance table for all inputed Operations;
-press a buton "Save as", input a file name with txt extention (example: "Balance.txt" or "Operations.txt") and you wiil get a txt
-file for a list of Operations or Balance;
-press a button "Show Properties" and set a dates range to show.
-Open a new list of Operations and a Balance and it will be inside that dates range.

VISaldo keywords: balance, budget, access, database, banc, saldo, credit, debet, categories

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