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Debt Payment Comparison Calculator Description

Debt Payment Comparison Calculator Free Download.

How much would your payments go up if you paid your home mortgage in 20 years instead of 30? Or, what would happen if you sent an extra $50 to the mortgage company every month? Debt Payment Comparison Calculator was built to help people compare different payment scenarios for their debts.

Debt Payment Comparison Calculator is a free, flexible tool for your web site that does more than just calculate your payments. In addition to what typical web calculators do, which is grab the principle, interest rate, and the years to pay it off to generate your monthly payment, this Calculator can also tell you how long it would take you to pay off a debt if you increased or decreased the payment amount.

But wait, there's more! Each time the user uses the calculator, it saves the information so that the user can compare different payment scenarios. At any time, the user can clear the data and start over. With a simple click of the button, the user can also color-group different scenarios for easy visual reference.

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