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Date: July 06, 2007

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Author: Fantom Laboratory Ltd

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Money Planner Description

Money Planner Free Download.

Money Planner is the software for the account and planning your income and expenses.

You can also use Money Planner for planning your family budget.

Very simple and intuitively understandable interface.

Do you know how much money there is in your wallet or on your credit card? And how much are you going to have in two weeks?

So..., your next instalment is due in a fortnight, a small fee is expected the day after tomorrow, and it`d be wonderful to fly and see your parents at the weekend, and daily expenses on a taxi and a lunch ..., and Bill is to pay the money back. Stop!

Have you already got confused? Give one minute to Money Planner and all calculations are ready.

You simply bring real or planned incomes and expenses, and Money Planner will show how much money you need for each concrete day.

It is very simple. You don`t have to study the basics of accounts.

The instruction is applied on the software and you will understand everything without much trouble.

You only need to choose the date, to enter the sum of the income or the expenses and to press the button Add.

Money Planner will count your balance in view of new data.

Probably having seen a full picture of your budget for a month ahead, you will find out that it is possible to spend another superfluous hundred dollars on something pleasant without damage :

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