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Version: 9.2   (version history)
Date: June 24, 2010

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Author: Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd

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Aquarius Soft BePunctual Description

Aquarius Soft BePunctual Free Download.

Aquarius Soft BePunctual is an easy, elegant and comprehensive employee time and attendance tracking software system designed to replace mechanical time clocks, punch cards and attendance book sign in / out processes. This user friendly and comprehensive computer time clock software for PC helps to track employee attendance effectively and efficiently.

With BePunctual, you no longer need to spend hours calculating staff worked hours and pay. Your staff can punch in / out either at a central computer located at the office entrance, or at multiple locations, or at the convenience of they own office computer.

By attaching a webcam to the punch station computer, a photo of the staff can be captured during punching in / out, thereby preventing buddy punching.

Unlike many other time clock software with very plain user interface, BePunctual punch software are specially designed to look so good that you will be keen to run it at your office front desk...customized to your corporate identity!

BENEFITS * Save Time * Save Money * Very User Friendly * Very Flexible * Free to use for up to 3 employees!

FEATURES * Prevents buddy punching with Webcam * Instantly checks staff attendance and punctuality * Tracks reasons for being late or knock off early * Staff can punch in / out at his own computer

* Comprehensive Work Shift Support * Built In Comprehensive Payroll * Built In Leave Records * Comprehensive Reports * Instant Messaging * Remotely Configurable Punch Software * Customizable Interface

*BePunctual Server - the main administration software
*BePunctual Group Punch Station for mulitple employee to punch in/out
*BePunctual Staff Punch Station for single employee to punch in/out
*BePunctual Manager Station for manager to track attendance
*and more

NOTE: Minimally, the system requires the Server Software and a punch station software.

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