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Date: November 18, 2007

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yalips maps Description

yalips maps Free Download.

With yalips maps you get 4 products in 1. You are more productive, more creative and perform better on your job when using visual software tools.

With the resulting visualizations you can communicate more effectively and convincingly to your collegues, your boss, your customer or the chairman of the board. Therefore many companies spent a lot of money on such tools.

Unfortunately, most tools are expensive and difficult to learn. yalips maps is designed to overcome these problems because it: (1) integrates several visualization techniques e.g. brainstorming, mapping, gantt, flowcharts, and UML modeling, (2) can be learned within minutes from video tutorials, and (3) comes at moderate costs. yalips maps is the ideal solution for home users, academics and small businesses.

yalips maps keywords: brainstorming, project management, flowchart, uml, unified modeling language, mapping, visualization, presentation, learning, planning

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