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Date: August 08, 2007

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Excel Funding Plan Description

Excel Funding Plan Free Download.

Funding Plan PRO for Excel provides the perfect financial planner for any 10 year projection.

No accounting knowledge is required.

You can use Funding Plan PRO to create financial models of your company.

Variables can be adjusted anyway you want and as you know Excel will translate any input change instantly into the appropriate outcome.

You start with a sequence of financial plan templates. Each input template provides monthly forecasts covering any ten year period, starting any month or year.

Monthly equity plan (Common share issues & financing).

Loan note amortization schedule (Loan finance).

Monthly Fixed asset expenditures and depreciation schedules.

Five depreciation classes (any useful life periods from zero upwards).

Sales plan incorporates unit volume projections, unit price and cost of sales.

You can vary volumes and prices by any percentage value control to produce best case, expected case and worst case projections.

Company expenses - straightforward monthly expense templates. Expenses are divided into six separate categories (Personnel, G&A, Marketing.....).

Category expenses are summarized in the P / L schedules.

Working capital variables include Days sales outstanding, Days inventories outstanding, Percentage payable to sales. You can change any assumption to produce best, expected and worst cases again.

Your monthly forecasts are converted into 10 year profit / loss forecasts, complete balance sheets, cash flows (source and application of monthly funds) and management summary.

Loan interest charges and reducing balances are incorporated into the profit / loss and balance sheets.

The management summary provide a company valuation based on your selected EBITDA multiple.

Spreadsheets are optimized for printing and presentation.

The download zip file contains a Dollar version, a Euro version and a Tutorial version.

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