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Date: August 10, 2010

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Me2Team Description

Me2Team Free Download.

Me2Team is online software to plan and get work done fast. Emails keep people involved informed. Personal ToDo lists are automatically created from plans.

Progress is automatically determined from completed ToDos. Email notifications keep users informed of relevant changes made by other users.

Complex coordination of tasks and people is done in the background, so users can spend more time doing productive work. Patented security and privacy methods secure information.

Plans can be continually updated so they remain current.

Me2Team makes it easy to join small plans together to create strategies, operations, and projects.

Me2Teams unique methods make it easy to grow plans from individual to team to organization plans.

Me2Team uses a patented security and privacy method that ensures that each person only sees what they need to know, so they are not overwhelmed and security is not compromised.

Context is automatically managed by showing relevant tasks in a customized tree structure. Actions that need to be done by each user are shown in a personalized ToDo list directly linked to relevant plans.

Advanced features include:
*specialist software tools for templating, and adjusting complex task, team and ToDo relationships (to match real world situations)
*resources and time sheets with outputs to finance applications.
*easy integration with other applications, such as SharePoint

Key benefits of Me2Team software are:
*easy to learn and use
*increase productivity
*every user can see how they fit into all tasks and what they need to do
*non users can be managed through emailed plans and actions
*better decisions can be made with real-time feedback and progress reporting
*more time is available to do value-adding work
*stress is reduced

Use Me2Team online software to plan and get work done fast. More information is at and

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