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Date: March 14, 2011

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Author: Brad Smith, CPA, LLC

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Formula Builder for MS Word - Accounting Description

Formula Builder for MS Word - Accounting Free Download.

Formula Builder for MS Word - Formulas in Microsoft Word Made Easy!

Formula Builder for MS Word-Accounting Edition is a Word add-in program that makes it easy to create formulas in any new or existing Word document. The Accounting Edition includes added tools for creating and linking financial tables.

The program includes many time-saving features.

The Formula Builder Wizard walks you through the steps of building a formula. Formulas are constructed the same way you're familiar with in Excel.

Add cells to your formula simply by double clicking the cell.

1-Click Formula allows you to sum a range of numbers with a single click! If you're familiar with AutoSum in Excel, you already know how this works.

Save time creating Word tables pre-formatted for financial data with Financial Table Builder.

You select the number of columns for numeric data and other useful settings like adding spaces between columns to visually separate your data. Financial Table Builder automatically inserts decimal tabs in your columns to keep your numbers properly aligned.

Create financial report templates with Table Link. Table Link makes it easy to link table data to the written section of your Word document.

Numeric Formatter lets you format numbers in your Word table. You can format individual cells or an entire table at once. Numeric Formatter saves you precious time.

Instead of manually inserting commas and editing decimals you can format your financial data quickly and painlessly! You will feel confident knowing your financial data is consistently formatted.

Formula Builder for MS Word is suited for users in a wide range of professions including Accounting, Finance, Legal, Consulting, Private and Public Companies, Government, College and Universities, Academic Research Journals, and Not-For-Profits.

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