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Version: 2009   (version history)
Date: September 06, 2009

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/CE
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Author: OlyKit, Inc.

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Estimate Master Description

Estimate Master Free Download.

Estimate Master is for:
-Any Contractor
-Construction companies
-Landscaping businesses
-Electrical contractors
-covering specialists

-A database of your customers, estimates, parts, materials, labor rates and formal bids allows you to define parts, materials and labor rates and activities specific to your business.
-Quick and easy estimate creation from your database of parts, materials and labor items.
-Easy to duplicate and update estimates.
-Organizes parts, materials and / or labor items into assemblies for fast estimate creation.
-Works with US and Canadian editions of QuickBooks.
-Import utility included for Microsoft Excel and other databases and applications.
-Creates a formal bid / proposal document with your custom templates to suit your business for estimates, bid, proposals, invoices, purchase orders etc.
-Ability to include estimate line items or leave out of formal customer bid document.
-Direct E
-Mail of bid / proposal documents to your customers.
-Creates annotated work orders from your estimates.
-Customizable fields.
-Up to 15 customizable cost basis categories including per item, per length, per length
-weight, etc.
-Estimate items can be partitioned and grouped.
-Totals cost, weight, cost per weight, etc.
-Works with English Standard or Metric measurements.
-in Backup / Smart Restore with automatic backup feature will synchronize databases from multiple computers.
-Print preview on all reports.
-context sensitive help.
-Network and multi
-user capable.
-Windows 2000, XP and Vista support.
-Unlimited and multiple database support.
-Works with any Windows supported currency.
-Export to spreadsheet and word processor programs using file formats such as .RTF, .XLS, .PDF, or .TXT.
-United States and international paper size support.

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