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Version: 2009   (version history)
Date: September 07, 2009

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/CE
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Author: OlyKit, Inc.

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MembershipPro Description

MembershipPro Free Download.


A robust and flexible membership management database application that maintains family, personal and youth information with a powerful set of reporting and query tools for use by churches, synagogues and clubs.

-Network and multi
-user capable.
-Windows 2000, XP and Vista support.
-Password protected.
-Maintains family membership, removed membership, individual and youth records.
-Attendance tracking for families, individual adult and children.
-Visitor tracking including contact follow
-Photo support for families, individual adult and children.
-Extensive filtering and find functions.
-Customizable fields, screens and reports to support any organizations terminology.
-Integrated event / journal logging and lookup for families, individual adults and youth.
-Integrated time and talent query.
-Customizable directory reports including photographs for families, individuals and youth.
-in backup / restore supports full or partial backup.
-Print Previews.
-sensitive help.
-mail features include sending individual or bulk email from MembershipPro directly or through Microsoft Outlook.
-Standard dBase
-compatible file format is accessible by other applications such as Microsoft Excel.
-Multiple database support with unlimited database size.
-Database import allows combining multiple databases.
-Export any report to .RTF, .XLS, or .PDF file formats.
-Mailing label support for family, personal and youth info plus a general purpose format.
-Mail merging with Microsoft Word, Publisher and other word processors.
-Supports any Windows date format.
-United States and international paper size support.
-Alternate addressing.
-Zip or international postal code support.

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