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Version: 2009   (version history)
Date: September 21, 2009

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Author: OlyKit, Inc.

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Trading Systems - Excalibur for 24 month Description

Trading Systems - Excalibur for 24 month Free Download.

Trading Systems - Excalibur V 3.5 for 24 months Has been the most waiting for Automated Trading Platform ever.- Fully automated. - Places trade orders automatically [see notes below]

- Modifies trades on the fly to increase profits. - Closes trades instantly. [see notes below] - Deletes trades that are not triggered automatically. - Opens multiple trades for extended profit. - Complete money management and risk system. - Completely Hands-Off System. [see notes below]

- Trades 24 hours a day . - Trades on US markets and European markets. - Consistent profitable trades. - Manages trade lots sizes according to the current balance.

Experience the Excalibur V3 Automated Trading System before you spend a cent !

Serious about your trading? No time to trade?

Tired of Automated Trading Systems that do not work? Tired of False Promises?

I make no false promises with the Excalibur V3 Automated Trading System! I make no false guarantees, but I do guarantee this.

Fill out the form below and we will forward you a full working version of Excalibur V3 that can be run on either a demo or a "live" account and allow you to see the difference.

Performance not based on a Back Test or on old data, but forward testing, daily trading, for one month on a $3, 000.00 account.

Excalibur trades the: EURUSD - USDCHF - EURCHF - GBPUSD Excalibur will attempt to place all trades it executes.

Excalibur can not be expected cooperate in the event of power failures, router failure, brokerage outages, unexpected events and or moves that exceed any trading platforms capability to place an order. All though Excalibur is designed as a hands off system, it is always advisable to monitor any trades.

Excalibur reports in advance of any trade it is about to initiate to allow you the alternative to cancel this pending action.

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