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Date: May 01, 2000

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GOAL Free Download.

At any office, in many flats there is a computer. But it, as a rule, works only on 3 % of the power. To cause it to work on the parent with complete recovery the «GOAL» system will help.

If you already have available computer, cost of all security complex in becomes some times cheaper. It not the simply security system, is an intellectual complex, which one can itself make a decision. It is constituting safety of any establishment or flats.

It continuously and around-the-clock arrests all happening events, helps to reveal many important parts of life of the enterprise, path of outflow of the information, to analyze an overall performance of the employees, to find out about their loyalty to firm, to check fulfillment of the indicatings. In any extreme situation down to androlepcy the «GOAL» system operatively will come to you to the aid of.

A mode «line-up» should become integral attribute of your flat. And then you or members of your family can fearlessly open out a door by an unknown to the visitors. You should not pay behind unknowns the telephone accounts any more, to prove any facts of incidents, to recall telephone numbers, appearance of the people, contents of talks. Let now computer is kept this information, « it ferrous »!

VIDEO and AUDIO writing to the computer, programming of record on time, of detectors and other events, documenting of the information («alive video » and speech) with momentary search by date of, time, person or event, instantaneous rewinds, the 'File' system, a video and AUDIO adjustment, active counteraction, a call-back and voice notification about incident, the auto message on a pager, compatibility with any cameras, microphones, security and fire gauges, audio sensor, an intellectual miscalculation of situations, «floating» algorithm of protection, distance control, transfer of a VIDEO on the phone line, Local network and 'Internet', 'black box'.

The latent installation even for the User, parallel operation with other programs, high reliability, «antilag» system, the friend 'object' interfacing, submission of monitored object by the way of plan.

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