Advanced Internet Autosurf and Promotion Robot Free Download

Version: 1.0 beta   (version history)
Date: February 16, 2002

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: IT-Team

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Advanced Internet Autosurf and Promotion Robot Description

Advanced Internet Autosurf and Promotion Robot Free Download.

The Internet Robot is a software that can do a lot of your Internet work instead of you.

It is a POWERFUL and FLEXIBLE tool!
It is designed for AUTO-SURFING and AUTOMATION of yours frequently repeating Internet actions.

Such actions can be illustrated by the following examples: - any kinds of navigation, surfing for HITS, ADS, EARN, WIN, etc; - AUTORESPONSEs to messages that come in your electronic mail box;- publishing of information or ADVERTISMENTS at FFA, boards, forums, etc.;- SUBMISSIONS of sites at search servers and information portals;- registration and scheduled AUTOMATIC UPLOADING of your programs at a software archives;- FILLING IN registration and polling FORMS, LOTTERY TICKETS, post cards, etc.;- collecting information from various sites and observation of up-dates in the published data;- creating and regular updating of databases on the basis of information from Internet;- and more ...
You can execute a PLENTY of Internet OPERATIONS BY pressing a SINGLE BUTTON.
The Robot's WORK will be perceived AS if done by a HUMAN being.
You can do SURFING WITHOUT POPUP and modal windows!
All the operations are fulfilled on your local computer and you will not need a remote server to execute the scripts.

ALL MAY BE AUTOMATED!!! And your competitors do use it!
You can do thousands ads automatically!
You can get 3000 .. 12000 visitors (or more) to your sitea day FREE using it (for example).

You can use it as FREE autoresponder with your FREE e-mail box!!
You can automatically play a lottery using it.

You can automatically fill in any registration or polling forms.

You can do on the Internet with it all what you want!
And more... more... more... :-)
You can RESELL it with our Affiliate Program.

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