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Version: 1.20   (version history)
Date: July 01, 2003

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: Topspin Systems Ltd

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Brainstorm Bungy Description

Brainstorm Bungy Free Download.

Do not be afraid - this is not about jumping off a bridge with a rubber band attached to your legs. The only stretching here is of minds as Brainstorm Bungy facilitates group brainstorming sessions. It provides a powerful, yet simple means of recording ideas and then evaluating them against agreed and weighted criteria.

- Quick to set up, yet flexible and simply fun to use
- Very visual and ideal for use with a projector or a large screen.
- Triggers prompt for ideas when the action slows down.
- Sound effects add to the fun, but are also optional.
- A countdown timer controls the brainstorming session.
- Ideas are evaluated against agreed criteria.
- Save brainstorming sessions for later review or printing.

Brainstorm Bungy follows a 5 step process;
1. Define your Mission. Very important as it directly influences the brainstorming focus.
2. Brainstorm Ideas. The fun part where anything goes and nothing should be disregarded.
3. Define Criteria. Decide how you will sort out the best ideas.
4. Evaluate Ideas. Using the criteria from Step 3 of course.
5. Summarize. Not really a step but a place to bring everything together.

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