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Version: 3.1.23   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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CyPics - Photo Album and Image Browser Description

CyPics - Photo Album and Image Browser Free Download.

[Tens of
thousands of digital photos] + [Many CDs] = CyPics


CyPics 1.0 - Image Cataloguing and
Slide Show Software for Windows built to handle tens of thousands of digital
images spread over many CDs.


CyPics delivers five key benefits to
its users: CD naming support , smart image registration, menu driven image
selection, useful thumbnail views and quality slide shows. Suitable for digital
camera owners, Internet enthusiasts, professional photographers and collectors
where mixing digital imaging with CD storage makes naming CDs a must have


CyPics does not treat your images on
CD as just being on drive D: or E:. CyPics records the CD identification and
requests a ‘friendly name’ to be used for each CD in load requests. CyPics
knows which CD each image is stored on and will request the required CD whenever
access is made to the original image. Where a slide show is to play images from
multiple CDs you can set the order in which the CDs are used rather than having
a CD shuffle.


The labor intensity of the image
registration process is reduced by a smart approach that remembers the past.
CyPics makes use of the fact that successive photographs have things in common
such as time, place and people. With the information from preceding photographs
readily available the number of keystrokes is reduced and productivity improved.


CyPics uses a query based approach
to image selection with the result that freshly added images are automatically
included in a selection whenever they meet the existing criteria. Image
selection is made easy through a menu driven form which defines the conditions
images must meet to be selected. Selection criteria may be named and permanently


The thumbnail view provides useful
information about the displayed images, not just the filename. Thumbnail images
and their descriptions are shown with full registration details available by
simply positioning the mouse pointer over an image. A compact full screen
display format is used to maximize the number of images displayed. The quality
and size of thumbnails is user selectable.


Images are expanded to fit the
screen during slide shows. The textual information displayed includes title and
sub-title slides as well as image descriptions. Each image is displayed for a
selectable part of its display time without any overlaid text covering the
image. Slide shows support random and ordered sequences, many transition effects
and indefinite repeat. Keyboard control options include: pause, adjust the image
display duration, navigate up or down and edit image registration details.


Other product benefits:


Easy to learn as a discovery system leads you through initial use
of the program.


Help is immediately available for all aspects of program


Its your information you have entered to catalog your photographs.
CyPics lets you access your information directly via Microsoft Access or through
an export function.


Photograph album databases do not continually grow, database
compaction manages their fluctuating space requirements.


You can move, rename, edit or delete images outside of CyPics and
then use the maintenance functions that come with CyPics to realign the album
database with changes made to your disk storage.

Screen Shots

CyPics - File Registration Screen Shot

CyPics - Image Selection

CyPics - Full Screen Thumbnail View
@ 800 x 600 with 120 pixel high thumbnails

System Requirements
CyPics Standard Edition requires a
minimum Pentium 100 processor running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or 2000,
32 MB RAM (64 preferred), 20 MB hard disk space, 256 colors or better, and a
minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600.


Use of Microsoft Access as the
database format requires some software prerequisites which are described at


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