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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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Additional DDS-Lite Educational Site Licence Description

Additional DDS-Lite Educational Site Licence Free Download.

Database Design Studio Lite, is the only tool you need for managing your relational database design. DDS-Lite provides a rich environment for the design, creation, query and editing of your database.

A few of the many features found within DDS include:

Project Management of database design components (ERD, DSD, schemas, scripts, ODBC connections, table views, Datastore and other project files).

Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram (EERD) editor. Including the enhanced model Specialisation and Generalisation relationships.

Automatically create a Data Structure Diagram (DSD) from ERD.
Automatically create schemas from ERD incl. constraints such as indexes.
SQL scripts for inserting data into the database.

Support for ANSI, Ingres, InterBase, Informix, SQLBase, MicroSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. Plus Microsoft Visual Basic and Java source code generator.

Also create, access and query a Microsoft Access database based upon your model without the need to own or install Microsoft Access.
Java source code for creating and dropping tables within your JDBC accessible database (JDK is not included). An integrated Java edit, build, run environment.
Syntax high-lighting of reserved and keywords in SQL, Java and VB editors.
Complete build/run environment for any project file (SQL, Java, JSQL, etc).

SQL Console Window (ODBC connectivity to any data source).

DDS-Lite Datastore for creation and storage of test data which can also be inserted into your live database.

ODBC DSN Manager integration and much more┬┐

Customer Reviews

Question: What are the features in DDS that makes it good to use?

'It does similar function(s) as S-DESIGNOR and ERWIN at a great price.
All developers should have this tool!!'

~ Rock-Tenn Inc.

'It is easy and intuitive to use. The best thing is the preparation of the
database create statement. So it is easy to test the ERD and also easy to set up the new database
if I had to change something.

Normally in development when realising the application, the
developer will find some faults in the data model. So he has to change the model, add some fields
and change some attributes. With DDS, he will do it in the model because it is the easiest way to
correct the database.'

~ Collins Informatik

'Ease of use. It dosn't take long to create a working
schema. The output looks good in print too.'

~ The Digital Mage

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