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Version: 2.x   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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MapViewSVG for ArcView 3.x Description

MapViewSVG for ArcView 3.x Free Download.

MapViewSVG is an extension for ArcView 3.x by ESRI. It gives you the opportunity to convert maps from ArcView into the SVG format. You can then use these SVG files to publish them on the Web or on CD-ROM. MapViewSVG does not need any additional software on your Web Server.

MapViewSVG supports vector based object data and image data. While image data are displayed as usual as GIF or JPEG files, the vector data and all text objects are converted into the SVG format.

SVG graphics have the advantage to be infinitely zoomable without loosing cartographic quality. Beside this, the file size is quite smaller and loads much faster in a web browser.

MapViewSVG also supports attribute data. These are stored as XML files. The data can be displayed on different ways: with mouse-over effects, identifying features on the map and even as the whole attribute table. Like in ArcView, there exists a link between the attribute and the geometry, so flashing of individual shapes is possible.

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