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Date: January 26, 2002

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mssqlXpress 25 user Licence Description

mssqlXpress 25 user Licence Free Download.

mssqlXpress is the latest full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for MS SQL. You can develop your databases using one powerful application. If you are an MS SQL developer, your life could be a lot easier from now on!


MS SQL developers complain about the limited features of Query Analyser and Enterprise Manager:

--I can never remember the names of tables, fields and variables.
--I have to keep typing the same blocks of code and can't remember where to copy it from.
--I had to do a small operation to 50 procedures. Repeating all of the keystrokes really drove me crazy.
--It is annoying to have to switch between two applications all the time and only have one editing window!
--How can I test this code without damaging the database?
--Where can I keep my housekeeping code snippets?
--I wiped out a block of code from a procedure last week and wish I still had it.
--Using Visual SourceSafe is so tedious that I can't guarantee that my developers will use it every time. Losing version control could be a nightmare.


mssqlXpress has an answer for all of these problems:

Managing versions:
--View and switch back to any version of any object
--Instantly connect to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

Creating and testing code:
--Execute an object or a block of code from the editor and then undo
--Store your informal scripts (code snippets) with the database project
--Write procedures without needing to DROP

Editing with great time-saving features:
--Pick table, field and variable names from 'intellisense' lists as you type
--Edit objects using multiple windows
--Drag and drop or copy and paste code between windows
--Instantly duplicate an object
--Insert blocks of code or templates using short names ('Auto-complete')
--Record and play back a keyboard macro
--Search for text within a database

--Building queries visually or with SQL
--Editing table structure and data

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