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Version: 2.4   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Ligne Directe Enterprise Description

Ligne Directe Enterprise Free Download.

Ligne Directe will enable you to interact in real-time with the visitors of your website. Features include chatting with simultaneous visitors, invite someone on your website to chat with you, the ability to co-browse the web with the visitor and to chat between operators. The application will add a human touch to your website and improve your customer and support services. The basic version is available in English and French.

Features of Ligne Directe Enterprise


Live chats

Interact live with your visitors on your website using written conversation (chat).

Encryption SSL (128 bits) of the conversations

Enjoy the highest level of encryption allowed by law to protect your conversations and your confidential data.

Monitoring of your visitors

See all the visitors on your web site and follow their movements, see where they originate from, the language of their browser, their geographic locations and more.

Use the function 'Invitation' to talk to someone in particular on your website.

Personalized signature for your emails

Include the Ligne Directe button in your emails so that your customers know you are available to help them at all time.

Barre d'outils

Formatez votre texte selon vos goûts et vos besoins en ajustant la grosseur des caractères, leurs couleurs, l'alignement de votre texte, etc. -->

Transcription des conversations

Sauvegardez automatiquement les conversations dans une base de données afin d'être en mesure d'y accéder lorsque le client revient vous visiter. Les conversations sauvegardées pourront également servir à faire un échantillonnage de la qualité du service donné par vos opérateurs. -->

Push URL

Send a visitor on a specific web page automatically. This function will be helpful to assist a customer in need or to direct him/her on the payment page.

Identification of your visitors

Identify and recognize your visitors.

Quality survey (pre and post conversation)

Offer your customers the possibility to fill a short survey on their satisfaction level about the service given by your operators.

Send an invitation to chat

Send a message to a visitor actually on your website to ask him/her to chat with you or another operator.

Request specific information about your visitors

Request specific information about your customers to help your operators give a personalized service (language, country of origin, address IP, etc.)

Post notes by operators

Let your operators post notes on the users files to keep a constant tracking of all the conversations that a specific customer had with your operators.

Predefined answers

Add predefined answers for frequently asked questions and to accelerate the service given by the operators.

Statistics on the use of Ligne Directe on your website

Compile statistics on the satisfaction degree of your customers, the average number of on-line requests, the average length of the conversations. The administrator will also be able to evaluate the overall degree of satisfaction to improve the customer service.

Conversations history

Display previous conversations of a specific client when he/she comes back again. By doing so, you will increase the relevance of the interventions and have a quick access to their files.

Different types of reports available

Obtain different types of on-line reports by email, by fax, by snail mail or according to your needs.

Manage simulatenous conversations (talk with more than one person at once)

Manage several conversations at the same time. This function will allow you to discretely go from one customer to another and at the same time, use the full potential of your operators.

Chat request distribution according to the selected departments

Have all the chat requests distributed automatically to the operators concerned or the department aimed (finances, customer service, complaints, etc.)

Transfer a conversation to another operator

Transfer a customer with all his/her information to another operator to meet his needs more specifically.

Automatic distribution of the chat requests

Distribute automatically all the chat requests between all the available operators so that the work load is even and the service effective and rapid.

Private discussions between operators

Allow your operators to exchange information and help each other in order to offer an impeccable service. This cooperation between your operators will increase the team work in your call centers.

Different level of access to the software and by the administration

Access a high level of security and make sure only certain features are available to certain operators depending on their responsibilities. By doing so, only the people chosen will have access to the statistics, the conversations history and the archives.

Free updates of your version

Update your version automatically when you start Ligne Directe or when you're being asked to, at no additional cost.

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