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Version: 2.0 Pro   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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Visual Query Tool - Pro Description

Visual Query Tool - Pro Free Download.

There are some basic functional differences between standard and professional version. These can be summarised in the following table:

Iterative SQL processing
The Commands can be defined not only like a simple sequence of parameterized SQL tasks, but it is possible for each task of type 'Iterate' to nominate a DBF source; this task will be executed for each record of the database.

Before execution after the macro-processing of User Interface's parameters, the text of an Iterate SQL task is macro-processed, replacing each DBF field reference with the corresponding value of the field.

The task processed in this way will be executed for each record of the nominated database. For nominate a DBF there can be used a special interface control, named Iterate File Picker.

Scripting Extension
A new task type is defined: DBScript. In Essence the used language is the same as VO Scripting. This is characterised by the followings:

Full object-oriented language, with access to predefined classes

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