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Date: May 20, 2005

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: Luckasoft

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EngInSite MySQL Client Description

EngInSite MySQL Client Free Download.

Defining and managing the database-structure, importing data, editing data is now simple with this nice and convenient program. For designers with only a basic grasp of databases, this program is the way to go to make you independent of SQL gurus.

What makes EngInSite MySQL Client a cut above the rest? Just look at the following features:

 Very fast retrieval of data
 Manage foreign key relationships.
 Fully InnoDB compliant
 Connection and MySQL service manager
 Syntax-highlighting and Intellisense
 Save your commonly used SQL scripts in a personal folder with a click of mouse
 View advanced table properties, such as Type, Charset, Comment, Key_Length...
 Monitor variables/processes/status
 View your results in GRID / TEXT mode
 Graphical Query Builder
 Full triggers support in MySQL 5 (FILE privileges assumed)
 SQL history navigator
 User defined variables
 Creating/Dropping databases
 Creating/Dropping/Altering tables
 Support for all MySQL table handlers
 Support for all field types (including BLOBs)
 Creating/Dropping indexes
 Foreign Key Management for InnoDB tables
 Powerful user manager for administering users and privileges
 Powerful blob viewer/editor: edit BLOBs with Bitmap/GIF/JPEG-support
 Export table structure and data into SQL-scripts
 Change table-types to ISAM, MYISAM, MERGE, HEAP, InnoDB, BDB
 Flush Host / Logs / Privileges / Tables
 Diagnostics tools: (check, optimize, repair, analyze)
 Data Synchronization
 Structure Synchronization
 Charsets and collations support for databases and tables
 Views and stored procedures support in MySQL 5

Unique Features you will not find in any other MySQL Client
 MySQL Client demonstrates a list of all available triggers for the given table. Most recent versions of MySQL do not have a command for that so MySQL Client supports internal storage for the MySQL trigger statements
 Full support for user privileges in MySQL5

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