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Date: March 08, 2007

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Calling-Us MAX Professional Description

Calling-Us MAX Professional Free Download.

Calling-Us ® MAX Professional is the perfect solution for self-employed persons and small-sized businesses who want to relay telephone calls. Exchanging will be either with or without Menu Selection.

Additional functions are Callback, Voice Forwarding, Voice, SMS, personalized serial fax or Fax Notify as well as extensive time controls.

Messages outside business hours and providing navigable information is professionell customer-oriented service.

If desired there are additional individual messages available besides those already contained in the scope of delivery.

Forwarding calls within the office and to the outside If all employees are busy callers are being kept in a waiting queue*. Thus you will not miss an important call.

By simultaneous or successive signaling at the phones of several employees the probability that a caller will receive a personal contact is greatly enhanced. If nobody is available at the Professional Calling-Us ® MAX Professional can call mobile phones or the home Professional and redirect the caller.

Satisfied customers even if nobody can be reached

If all employess are busy Calling-Us ® MAX Professional will accept incoming calls and direct them through information menues or forward them to answering machines. Voice messages can be time dependable.

Calling-Us ® MAX Professional will provide received faxes and voice messages for the employees via the central server. You can display them in standard Email programs (like e.g.

MS Outlook) or directly in Calling-Us ® MAX Professional.

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