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Version: 1.5   (version history)
Date: May 08, 2007

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: The Right Stuff of Tahoe, Incorporated

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RightCardWare Description

RightCardWare Free Download.

RightCardWare instantly creates and reads bar coded business cards. Either professionally printed, or from your desktop on inexpensive paper stock!

With bar code accuracy, RightCardWare scans them into personal information managers (PIMs), such as Microsoft Outlook and CardScan.With RightCardWare you laser print more than one kilobyte of contact information onto one side of 5371 perforated business card sheets, or compatible makes.

You can also print self-sticking encodings onto The Right Labels, or directly onto the backs of many commercially manufactured business cards.New for RightCardWare 1.5: Output bitmap images of bar coded business cards to your favorite drawing program.

Or send them out to be printed on a professional press.With bar code accuracy, RightCardWare transfers contact information, bar coded onto business cards, to and from Personal Information Manager software (PIMs).

RightCardWare also exports to, and imports from, vCards or PIMs that read and write vCards.RightCardWare works with TWAIN, CardScan, and Symbol PDF417 scanners.

The bar code that RightCardWare scans appears on business cards of people (like you!) who want to delight their clients, colleagues, and friends - by saving them time. And bar coded business cards do save time!

Why type it when you can scan it?New for RightCardWare 1.5: Scan bunches of cards at once!RightCardWare and the free RightCardReader scan bar coded business cards made with RightCardWare or RightCardSampler (included with RightCardReader).

Or, the bar codes can be scanned from The Right Business Cards, professionally printed by The Right Stuff of Tahoe and affiliated distributors.RightCardWare includes the RightQuickPanel mini-window: at a single click of the mouse, scan cards directly into your PIM!Microsoft and Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. CardScan is a registered trademark of Sanford, LP. Symbol is a registered trademark of Motorola Inc.

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