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Date: August 23, 2010

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Easy Date Converter Advanced Version Description

Easy Date Converter Advanced Version Free Download.

Easy Date Converter is a program to perform arithmetical operations with dates in various solar calendars, including the Gregorian and the ISO 8601 Week Calendar.

It is a bilingual English / German program.

Suppose you run an advertisement which expires 45 days from today. What date will that be? How many weekdays are there in 2006?

If you have an investment which matures on June 30th, 2007, how many days away is that? When will be (or was) the 10, 000th day in your life? How many years, months and days until December 21st, 2012?

If you find this sort of calculation a tad difficult then this program will make it easy.

This software has five calendrical operations:1. Calculation of the number of days from one date to another.

2. Addition of a number of days to a date and subtraction of a number of days from a date.

3. Addition of a number of months to a date and subtraction of a number of months from a date.

4. Interconversion among Gregorian (a.k.a. Common Era) dates, Julian Calendar dates, ISO 8601 Week Calendar dates, Hermetic Leap Week dates, ordinal dates in the form yyyy-ddd and Julian day numbers.

5. Display of a month in any year according to either the Common Era Calendar or the Julian Calendar, with additional display of corresponding ISO 8601 Calendar dates.

Weekend days may be included or excluded in date calculations.

This software is also an interpreter for a programming language which allows users to run their own date-processing programs.

This programming language has control structures, variables, arrays, subroutines, functions (including user-defined functions) and output to a file.

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