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Version: 3.0   (version history)
Date: July 28, 2008

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OS: Win ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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Author: AGORA Software BV

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Mail Merge for Microsoft Access 2003 Description

Mail Merge for Microsoft Access 2003 Free Download.

4TOPS Mail Merge for Microsoft Access is the ultimate solution if you want to create Microsoft Word documents or emails using data in your Microsoft Access database.

Documents can be created easily with any level of complexity (e.g. contracts). Selectively producing documents is as easy using selecting the records using filters and record selectors. Supports email mail merge, labels and envelopes, directory reports and listings.

Mail Merge is one of the main type of uses in any administrative software application. It is used extensively in all industries, typically by Access users that need document creation for their Office business application (quotations, letters, invoices, contracts, reports).

Professionals that collect data for engineering, research or other purpose and want to create complex documents from it (surveys, reports, audits,...). Mail Merge for Microsoft Access can be used both by professional Access developers and Access power users.

Mail Merge for Microsoft Access differs from other Mail Merge software on the market:
-Tightly integrated with Microsoft Access;
-Easy selection of what record(s) are to be used to create a mail merge from;
-Supports creation of documents of virtually unlimited complexity;
-Supports automatic naming and storing of documents based on variables such as field values, template or process names;
-Six different mail merge types: document, email, listing, directory, labels and envelopes;
-Many ways to refine mail merge process definition.
-Extremely user friendly with Mail Merge Wizard, Template Designer and Process Designer
-Easy deployment of your solution. Even if your organization has implemented strict Security measures this will not prevent you from easily installing and using Access Mail Merge.

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