Zakah Calculator Free Download

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Date: June 05, 2006


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Author: Delta Software

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Zakah Calculator Description

Zakah Calculator Free Download.

Delta Zakah Calculator Details Delta Zakah Calculator works as a storage for all your different types of income all through the year along with their dates and any data you would like to keep.

The calculator then calculates the Zakah only on items that have passed a year and if you exceed the "Nisab" Delta Zakah Calculator performs the following main functions Makes you determine which date is the end of your year (Hawl) that you pay your Zakah on

Gives you the ability to store all your income catogories all through the year in order to calculate your zakah automatically You can edit your data all through the year You will pay Zakah only on items that a year has passed on. Other items Zakah will be due on the next year

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