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Version: 2010   (version history)
Date: June 15, 2010

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Author: eGrabber Inc.

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ResumeFinder Description

ResumeFinder Free Download.

ResumeFinder is a resume search software, specifically designed to help HR professionals quickly search for resumes of passive candidates on the internet.

ResumeFinder - a candidate sourcing tool, has advanced boolean search scripts, in-built, to find resumes from search engines.

It uses the power of search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, AltaVista and

AlltheWeb) to find resumes from:
-Networking sites such as MySpace and Linked
-Personal homepages from Internet Communities such as GeoCities, Angelfire, etc.
-Free resume portals including Craigslist, Free
-For, Recruiters and others
-Largest ISP's such as ATT, Earthlink, AOL and others
-Popular blog hosts such as, and others Recruiters no longer need to be experts in search commands and techniques. Instead, they can simply enter the desired keywords and ResumeFinder will findmatching resumes from the databases of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, AltaVista and AlltheWeb. ResumeFinder
-resume search software is also included as a part of eGrabber's resume import tool
-ResumeGrabber Suite. The resumes found using ResumeFinder can be readily imported into ResumeGrabber Suite's spreadsheet like grid. Once in the grid, recruiters can
-Sort and screen resumes using a variety of filters such as keywords, years of experience, location
-Send automated/bulk email to passivecandidates using pre
-defined templates
-Automate the forwarding of resumes to clients

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