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Version: 1.1   (version history)
Date: August 11, 2008


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Author: SoftBattery

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PulsePar Description

PulsePar Free Download.

PulsePar turns a PC into a multi-channel pulse generator utilizing the parallel port.

The period, duty and phase of each channel are adjustable so as to be used in PWM systems as well as in testing servo and stepper (stepping) motors. If you have an old PC, boot it by dos to run PulsePar and control it by SeriCon on your GUI PC through serial port. The free trial version of SeriCon is enough in many cases.

Important features are: PulsePar is now a 8 channel pulse generator. Pulses or square waves mean that it just turns on and off the port pins (i.e. lets the voltage levels oscillate between the high and the low levels).

SeriCon shows only 4 channels, unless you have the full license.

The period and the duty ratio of each channel(pin) are adjustable by changing the high and the low level durations.

The phase differences between channels are adjustable.

Frequencies around several 100kHz can be reached.

This version is more robust and has one more command, than the previous version.

PulsePar keywords: pulse, generator, timer, pwm, servo, stepper, stepping, motor, parallel, printer, port, pc, square, wave, width, modulation, sericon

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