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Version: 2.3.1215.3   (version history)
Date: May 24, 2011

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SharePoint Item Permission Batch Description

SharePoint Item Permission Batch Free Download.

SharePoint Item Permission Batch is useful for modifying all items permissions in a SharePoint list.

It is designed for this requirement. On one hand, SharePoint user has created unique permissions for items of a list. On the other hand, he needs to add or remove some permission to all the items.

In this circumstance, modifying permissions to each item is hard for default SharePoint permission setting.

With SharePoint Item Permission Batch, it is possible to add or remove permissions to users / groups or user / group field columns for all items.

The user / group field column are columns which represent users / groups, including "Created By", "Modified By" etc. inner columns and other users / groups columns like, "Manager".

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