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Version: 6.60   (version history)
Date: November 05, 2009

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OS: Windows
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Author: Tycoon Systems Ltd

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IndustryPlayer Business Simulator Description

IndustryPlayer Business Simulator Free Download.

IndustryPlayer is the state of the art solution for business education and corporate training.

Participants experience the fundamentals of corporate leadership within our interactive virtual economy.

They develop a strategy, undertake an entrepreneurial start-up and compete with each other in a real-time multiplayer competition.

IndustryPlayer simulates all aspects of entrepreneurship: from strategy, investment and finance to the interactions with competitors, workforce, consumers, banks and our environment (CSR, Carbon Footprint). With IndustryPlayer participants feel like a real CEO, running a virtual company.

They can make use of a comprehensive accounting system, complex industry analysis tools and business charts with all kinds of ratios and statistics.

The simulation engine uniquely combines fundamental micro- and macroeconomic models (price mechanism, general equilibrium model) with commonly used business concepts (competitive strategy, product life cycle, economies of scale, economies of scope, corporate accounting, leverage effect). Based on an interactive real-time competition technology, IndustryPlayer offers an experience-based learning environment for next generation executives.

IndustryPlayer is used by thousands of MBA and Undergraduate Business and Engineering Students. Our corporate clients make use of IndustryPlayer simulations in corporate training & development, recruitment, employee training, business courses and in e-learning offerings.

The IndustryPlayer technology offers an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills at a broad audience scale. IndustryPlayer is ultimately user friendly. No handbook is needed; an in game video tutorial introduces new participants to the essential game features.

Throughout the simulation, a team of virtual staff members assists the participants in taking decisions.

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