Web Modules

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Size: 0
Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $100
OS: Win 95Unix / Linux /NT/2000/98
Author: Zp.ua

Publisher's Description

Used tools: PHP+MySQL.

On the main page there are modules:

1)defined by admin as firm
2)selected by user

Modules can be moved(up,down,left,right), minimized, maximized, removed, added.
User can add new records if it is supported by module.
Firm modules are not movable.

The following modules were implemented:

My Journal
My Links
My Notepad
My Photo
My Stocks
My News
My Chat
My Horoscope
My Calendar
My Search
My X of the day
More detailed description see below.

Some modules have both user and admin's part.
New modules can be easily added.

Main pages:

1. Guest's page where guest can see modules, selected by admin, but cannot customise
them for his own needs.
Guest can become a user after registration.

2. User's page for customising of his own modules set.

3. Administrator's page for:
- setting up user interface;
- adding, deleting, disabling modules, setting them as default and firm;
- modules managment(some modules have it's own admin's parts);
- user management (see password/login, delete);

Modules brief description:

My Journal - something like todo list. Current
day is highlighted by admin defined color.
My Links - user links and links from admin
defined categories
My Notepad - user notes with quick view
My Photo - user uploads his photo. If it's larger
then sizes defined by admin it's resized to fit.
Quality during resizing is defined by admin.
JPEG format only.
My Stocks - admin-selected image with graphs,
user-selected indexes, their abs. and rel. change
My News - news from user-selected categories
(admin define and manage them)
My Chat - user-added links to his favourite chats
My Horoscope - user-selected horoscopes for each day
(admin creates and fills them)
My Calendar - current month calendar
My Search - set of search system's forms
My X of the day - something (not implemented yet)

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of Web Modules at for any additional information.