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Date: June 26, 2000

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OS: Windows
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InfoTree32 XT Description

InfoTree32 XT Free Download.

InfoTree32 XT is a free-form notes database that helps you organize almost any type of information including notes, lists, home inventory, recipes, and more.

Create Folders, and then organize your information in Notes within each Folder. The split screen allows you to view all the Folder and Note Titles on the left side of the screen, and see the full text of each Note on the right. Enter a title and define keywords to be linked to your Folders and Notes. While entering the text of your Note you can use all the features of the built-in word processor (fonts, bold, italic, underline, color, and paragraph alignment), as well as the date and time-stamp features.

You can also assign 'due date' values to any of your Notes, and can produce lists of items that need to be completed within a desired date range. It also includes a ToDo List feature that lets you quickly produce a ToDo List of items whose due dates fall within your specified horizon.

You can search for information based on title, keywords, due date, or the text in the Note. You can also print your Notes.

The program also features hyperlinking. You can link text to other notes in InfoTree32 XT, or to documents on your computer (like letters in Microsoft Word or spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel). You can even link to the Internet, and have InfoTree32 launch your Web Browser to take you to your destination. It also integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so incoming e-mail can be quickly catalogued in your InfoTree32 database.

InfoTree32 XT is a 'superset' of , and uses Microsoft Access as its database engine. It supports very large notes (over 750 k), lets you insert graphic images within your notes, and lets you drag and drop files into your notes to quickly create links to these files.

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