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Version: 3   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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MessLess Inventory Safeguard Edition Description

MessLess Inventory Safeguard Edition Free Download.

MessLess Inventory is a program that every household and small business should have. The name may sound a bit funny, but the software will allow you to avoid serious problems in the future, should you decide to move, sell your possessions, divorce or have a visit from an insurance agent due to fire, burglary, flood or any other unfortunate accident.

As the name implies, this software provides an easy way to keep track of your possessions stored at home, or you can use it to keep the inventory of goods for your business or spare parts for your car, or keep records of your growing DVD library.

MessLess Inventory has a number of advantages over similar software products. First, it uses a tree-like database structure that makes navigating through your records very easy. Second, you may attach files to each record (photos, videos, comments, etc.). This means you don?t have to keep numerous photographs, videotapes and papers in your house or office. You can also link different entries to each other. This is

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