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Version: 2.3   (version history)
Date: January 24, 2009

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OS: Win ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/CE
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Author: AgileEra

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Personal Motivation Calendar Description

Personal Motivation Calendar Free Download.

Personal Motivation Calendar is simple, easy to install and use self-motivation software.

It helps to monitor your life flow with an uncompromising your-life-only calendar and a helpful accessible from System Tray 100-hour clock. It provides a very effective approach to organizing tasks and setting priorities with a classical four-quadrant technique.

It also provides a special MotivateMe! section that contains practical, approved recommendations from well-known time-management specialists to solve most common motivation problems and challenges.

-simple and intuitive user interface
-uncompromising your
-only calendar
-classical four
-quadrant approach to prioritizing tasks based on urgency and importance criteria
-helpful 100
-hour clock with daily progress bar
-special MotivateMe! section with proven recommendations to solve common motivation problems
-displays icon with 100
-hour clock in System Tray
-fast and reliable installer/uninstaller

System requirements:Any computer running Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / VISTA

Changes in version 2.1:
+Interface and usability improved, new icons added to context menu, added Outlook-style notification window
+Added feature to display inspiring and motivation messages while a computer is idle. More than 370 inspiring quotations included
+MotivateMe! section reviewed and extended with new self-motivation techniques (Contract with others, Eat That Frog, Swiss Cheese method)
+Program now provides option to load with system which is checked by default
+New configurations options available, tray icon text and background colors are customizable now
+Tasks now automatically saved when changed
+Full Tasks Name and description displayed in hint while mouse hovering above a task list
+Program asks to review settings on settings load error
+Extended Help

Recommendations: For anyone with a low level of self-motivation, with regrets for wasted time, or with unrealized plans and dreams.

Personal Motivation Calendar keywords: calendar, motivation, self-development, tasks, gtd, time-management, gtd timer

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