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Date: August 01, 2008

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MVP Description

MVP Free Download.

MVP is an essential tool for any organization trying to manage volunteers / members, event scheduling, contributions and supporting information on a limited budget.

MVP is designed to allow the user to enter and store volunteer / member information, event information and contribution information into a database.

As events are entered, volunteers / members can be assigned to these events. As the volunteer / member participate in events, their actual start and end times can is captured along with the actual date(s) of the participation.

MVP allows the use to keep a history of the events in which the volunteer / member participated in as well as comments regarding their participation.

MVP Lite also allows the user to create, store and track notes and create and store attachments related to a particular volunteer / member.

Attachment information is stored in the database and can be viewed or retrieved at anytime.

MVP Lite also provides the user with the versioning control of attachment information.

Thus as volunteer / member documentation is updated the attachment tracking can be updated to reflect the changes while maintaining a history.

In addition to storing volunteer / member and event information, MVP has the ability to store contribution as well as a description of the contribution in the database.

Because MVP is a MDI (multiple document interface) application, multiple members as well as event can be opened and viewed as well as edited at one time.

All volunteer / members as well as event information is displayed to the user in an explorer view. Thus helps facilitate the user's ability to search and retrieve member and / or event information quickly.

MVP keywords: member tracking, management tool

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