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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: July 07, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: Windy Tree

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Command Pack Description

Command Pack Free Download.

Command Pack is a collection of command-line utilities for power users, Web site administrators, and those working with both Windows and UNIX platforms.

CommandPack includes the following utilities: 'Batchrun' which performs the same command on a set of files matching a wildcard; 'Cal' which displays a given calendar month; 'CloseCD' which closes the CD drive; 'Df' which shows the disk usage statistics of your local drives, including mounted network drives; and 'Du' which displays disk usage information for a given directory tree.

The program also includes 'Filefind' which shows a list of files matching a given wildcard; 'Finger' which fingers an Internet finger server for user information; 'Fileversion' which displays the Windows file version information of a file; and 'Grep' which allows you to search for a pattern using regular expressions.

'Head' shows the first X lines of a file; 'Hexdump' displays a file as hexadecimals; 'Itime' synchronizes the time of your local PC with an Internet time server; 'MyCPU' displays the approximate CPU speed of your local machine; and 'OpenCD' opens the CD drive.

'OpenWeb' opens a Web page using your default Web browser; 'Rnet' lets you start, stop, and view services on remote and local PCs (only Windows NT); 'Tail' displays the last X lines of a file, with an optional 'follow' command which displays new lines as they are created (ideal for log file activity monitoring); and 'Tree' shows directory tree structure lists.

Finally, 'Troute' traces the IP route from the local host to another host; 'Uptime' shows the amount of time the local PC has been turned on: 'WhoAmI' displays the user name of the current user who is logged in to the local machine; 'Whois' queries an Internet Whois server for information such as domain name; and 'Wc' counts the number of words, lines, and characters in a file.

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