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Version: 1.1   (version history)
Date: April 22, 2010

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OS: Windows
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Author: Twidlle

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TextLab Description

TextLab Free Download.

Program TextLab gives additional possibilities of formatting and transforming of the simple text data (plain text) in an operating time with any text editor installed on your computer.

Additional possibilities appear at usage of all editors, starting from the elementary, such as notepad or FAR built-in editor, and finishing text editors of Visual Studio and MS Office.

The possibilities given TextLab, are accessible also by operation in the Internet, at text entering on any html-pages displayed by a Web-browser.

Access to additional operations on a text transforming to be fulfilled by pressing of hot keys or by means of a special pop-up menu.

Following sorts of operations are supported: Text formatting by columns (in the form of tables);

Text align right, align left, align centre and justify;

Usage optimization whitespace characters and tabulation: indents, moving of blocks of the text to the left / to the right, automatic removal useless whitespace characters;

Conversions of characters: text correction at a set with wrong keyboard layout, altering character case.

Creation of lists (including hierarchical), sorting lines and some other things.

Features of syntax of some widespread programming languages so that text conversions do not break a correctness of syntactic constructions of language are considered.

The program is addressed not only to programmers, but also other IT experts working with technological texts by means of various editors of a plain text.

TextLab will help everybody working in Internet to issue accurately and clearly texts in various forms, questionnaires, plain text resume, in chats and forums, by operation with e-mail and at publishing blogs.

The new version TextLab 1.1 allows users to add their own text processing operations.

You can implement these operations with the help of such widespread tools as: utilities awk and sed, scripting languages PHP and Perl, technology XSLT.

TextLab keywords: ascii file, plain text, edit, notepad, plain text resume, plain text format, text transform, align right, align center, justify, columns, table, indent, list, hot-key, web-form, text-area, whitespace, tabulation, character

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