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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: August 15, 2004

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: SunRav Software

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SunRav PDF Creator Description

SunRav PDF Creator Free Download.

Do you need a tool to convert HTML or MS Office documents to PDF or the other way around? Or are you looking for a fully featured PDF document editor? You don't have to choose between the two any more - simply get SunRav PDF Creator and you will have both.

SunRav PDF Creator is making waves in the PDF community and for a good reason. On one hand, SunRav PDF Creator is a handy feature stuffed word processor (text editor) that closely resembles MS Word. This means that any person who used text editors but never created a PDF document before can do it easily without any special training.

It really is this simple. Plus, SunRav PDF Creator comes with a plentitude of useful features, like tools for creating tables, spell checker and many others that most rival PDF makers don't offer to their users.

On the other hand, SunRav PDF Creator can import and export HTML and MS Office documents. This feature is very important to a lot of online companies that do their business online.

Moreover, since a lot of companies are abandoning DOC and RTF formats in favor of PDF as their standard, being able to not just convert a document but edit it as well if necessary is a huge advantage. After all, many company procedures and standards change over time and are reviewed regularly.

Finally, this utility is a real money saver for the budget conscious small business owners that can create HTML and PDF documents with one tool.

Plus, purchasing SunRav PDF Creator eliminates a need to buy a bunch of one-feature PDF software utilities, like compilers, extractors, converters, splitters and others.

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