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Version: 1.96   (version history)
Date: September 01, 1999


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Caranfil Catalin

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XDESK [freeware version] Description

XDESK [freeware version] Free Download.

XDESK [freeware version] lets you work on several virtual desktops.

Virtual desktops are a great way to maximize your screen real estate and to quickly switch between open applications. Each virtual screen, or desktop, can have its own programs running. Switching between virtual desktops is almost like having more than one computer. You can set up different screens for different activities. For example, you could set up a virtual desktop for file management that displays two Explorer Windows side-by-side. Virtual desktops are an intelligent alternative to having several overlapping windows.

XDESK lets you create up to ten virtual desktops and switch between them with hotkeys, a menu, or by clicking buttons in the System Tray area of the Taskbar. There are a variety of options for setting things up. For example, you can have specific applications appear on all desktops, or just on certain ones. You can force applications to stay on top of others, as well as save and load all the settings and arrangements you make to your desktop.

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