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Date: March 25, 2003


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Ideal Weight Description

Ideal Weight Free Download.

Program is intended for the storage and statistical
processings of the physical characteristics of the human body, such as:
- Real weight
- Ideal weight
- Fat content
- Density
- Quantity of calories consumed for day

The entered data:
- Age
- Height
- Weight
- Quantity of calories consumed for day
- Sex

The calculated characteristics:
- Ideal weight
- Fat content
- Density

Were based on given calculated By the program it is possible to do conclusions
for regulation Weight of the man that directly influences on health. Knowing given out by the program it is possible to establish dependence
Real weight from quantity consumed per day of calories, thus gives
opportunity to adjust quantity consumption calories.

The calculation of calories is facilitated by presence In the program - calculator of calories which can be adjusted in dependence from that food which you eat more often.

At daily consumption of food for the sum of calories approximately
less than 1200 KCal the human is stable begins to grow thin this is without accounting the psychological factors such as depression etc.

Each human knowing the ideal weight And the real weight can count up on how many
it is necessary to grow thin or to recover.

The program allows to collect data for the several people at once,
you can through given program to watch out for weight of each of
the members of your family.

Frequency of data input can change from Once per day up to an once per one month. But than more data will be assembled by the program By that the statistics yours physical parameters will be exacter.

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