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Version: 1.5   (version history)
Date: November 21, 2009


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
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Author: MouseExtender

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MouseExtender Description

MouseExtender Free Download.

1. Mouse button configuration.

Now you are able to configure what mouse button and what system key (alt, shift, etc) Mouse Extender will react on.

2. Add items to ME using Drag&Drop!

You can add items to ME in a very easy and fast way - using drag&drop!

3. Tabs.

You can group items with Tabs in order to organise them. ME always has at least one tab (by default "Main").

4. Add Web Address Now Mouse Extender can contains not only programs and files but web addresses also!

5. Customize item as you want. User can change launch arguments, tool-tips, icons, etc.

After adding a new item to Mouse Extender you can customize it. Right click on item you want to change and select "Edit Item" in context menu.

6. Shutdown / sleep / hibernate with timer.

You are about to leave home or office. Are you want your computer playing music when you are going out or is about to sleep?

Or can't you wait when downloading of file would be finished? Set up shutdown timer! You have ability to schedule any action you want (Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate).

You have ability to change scale period in order to quickly select required time interval with slider.

The following scale periods are available: 1. Minute 2. Hour 3. Ten hours 4. One Day Thus you can schedule your action from several seconds up to one day period 7. Automatic updates checking

You like Mouse Extender and want to have ME updated? Then you need setup automatic updates checking!

You will be notified when new version is available.

8. Sort Items using Drag'n'Drop After you added all items that you want, you can reorder them like you want using drag&drop.

9. Stylize controls Next steps in keeping consistent design for Mouse Extender. Some controls were stylized in a single manner.

10. Enable / Disable option from tray icon context menu.

If you want to temporary turn off ME functionality, you do not need to

MouseExtender keywords: desktop, launcher, shell extension, wpf

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