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Version: 1.05.116   (version history)
Date: August 04, 2006


OS: Win 2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Idea2

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Desktop Sidebar Description

Desktop Sidebar Free Download.

Desktop Sidebar provides you with instant access to the information you most desire by grabbing data from your PC and the internet. The result is a dynamic visual display you configure and control.

How can you make this possible? Choose from among a wide selection of information conduits, called "panels". Fully customizable, Desktop Sidebar allows you to dock these panels to the edge of the screen, or arrange them anywhere on your desktop as you wish. All panels are configurable with a number of specific options. With hundreds of skins available in our web site and an easy to use Skin Editor, you can freely change the appearance of Desktop Sidebar to suit your tastes.

Available Panels:
- Newsroom Panel - This panel is an RSS newsfeeds/ATOM aggregator
- Calendar Panel - This panel displays your appointments from Microsoft Outlook- Tasks Panel - This panel displays your tasks from Microsoft Outlook
- Inbox Panel - This panel shows the contents of your Inbox and other Outlook folders
- Notes Panel - This panel displays your Notes folder from Microsoft Outlook
- Performance Panel - This panel displays information about the workload of your computer
- Mail Checker - This panel allows users who don't use Microsoft Outlook to see their e-mail via Desktop Sidebar
- Clock panel - This panel allows you display an analog or digital clock
- Messenger Panel, Miranda IM and ICQ - These panels display your online contacts on sidebar
- Media Player - This panel allows you to control Windows Media Player from Desktop Sidebar
- WinAmp Panel - This panel allows you to control WinAmp from Desktop Sidebar
- Volume Control Panel - Control your system volume and mute button with this easy to use panel
- Toolbar panel - You can move your Quick Launch toolbar from Windows Taskbar to this panel
- Weather Panel - This panel displays a weather forecast.
- Search Bar Panel - Instant access to Google and other search engines.
- Stock Panel - This panel displays stock quotes

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