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Version: 4.5x   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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ShutDown NOW! - Single Licenses (1-4) Description

ShutDown NOW! - Single Licenses (1-4) Free Download.

ShutDown NOW! (short: SHDN!) is a professional Shutdown-Automation-Utility for MS-Windows: 95, 98 (FE+SE), ME, NT4, 2000 and XP, with 5 different timer/countdowns for up to 1000 events: 1.) 'planed' single or: 2.) weekly, 3.) 'daily', 4.) 'period', 5.) 'inactivity', a last chance countdown, provides password security with a big variety of options for to secure SHDN! itself, as well as the access to some Windows features, like REGEDIT, Windows built-in shutdown, TaskManager, etc. ... SHDN! has all possible-, plus some bonus shutdown-options, can eject+load devices (has its own Device-Manager with some tricky features, like watching, if medium is insert, or not, and ejecting only insert ones, multithreaded, supports all SCSI (or ZIP) and IDE devices), system-wide visible hotkeys for ejecting devices and empty directories. - SHDN! can empty directories (built-in, or to Recycle Bin, - secure, or only files, etc.), can start applications, can bypass user-loged on message, has an auto-logon feature, can alert the user before shutdown, has a great variety of commandline-options, incl. remote shutdown. - The software also can init HDs before shutdown, has a 'PlayGround' window, which can be hidden behind the borders of the screen, like a tool-bar, and which contains shortcut-buttons to all shutdown options, the 'Timer-Event List' and an overview of important settings, etc.. SHDN! further has a built-in logging-feature, for to log all Windows' starts and shutdowns either to an own log-file, or to the NT4, 2000, or XP EventLog ... - SHDN! is also supported by 'Motherboard Monitor', a great Freeware tool, which watches heat, fan speed, and voltage, and can shut down your PC via SHDN!, if it gets too hot. ... Last but not least, I think you should know, that ShutDown NOW! is on the Shareware market since 1996. - It is the work of one man, who has invested all his time in this one tool, and was - and still is - at the top of downloads on many important Shareware sites.

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