F-22 Raptor: Predator of the Sky Screensaver Free Download

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Date: January 26, 2002

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F-22 Raptor: Predator of the Sky Screensaver Description

F-22 Raptor: Predator of the Sky Screensaver Free Download.

The F-22 Raptor is America's newest addition to its already dominate air arsenal. Still in testing and under a cloak of secrecy, the F-22 is an air-superiority fighter with improved capability over current USAF aircraft. From the inception of the battle, the F-22's primary objective will be to establish air superiority through the conduct of counter air operations. Unlike any fighter before it, the F-22 is designed to allow its pilot to attack '... with abandonment' at never before achieved angles of attack. The F-22 also has an inherent air-to-surface capability. Armament: One M61A2 20 millimeter multibarrel cannon; internal stations can carry AIM-9 infrared (heat seeking) air-to-air missiles and AIM-120 radar-guided air-to-air missiles or 1,000 pound Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMS); external stations can carry additional stores. This screensaver offers 48 official photographs from the United States Air Force showing the F-22 during various test missions and operations.

Additional features:

- Selection From Twenty-Three (23) Optional Transitional Effects
- User Determined Delay Between Each Work of Art
- Desktop Screensaver Quick Start Control
- System Tray Screensaver Control
- Optional Password Protection
- Microsoft Plus! Support
- Optional Titles
- Easy, Automatic Uninstall

For Win95/Win98/NT4.0.

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